Travel Date: Tuesday, May 10th 2016: 

Janet and I walk around in the morning to pick up the local mail, and we run into some people who she knows.

Later we head over to grab a snack and coffee at Tarbell’s Deli and Expresso. After a great conversation, we head back the house.

She is going to drop off her daughter, Maya, at the North Island College in Courtenay, and she is going to show me the area. After we drop off Maya, we stop by the Courtenay Riverway Heritage Walk and walk around..

It is a small loop around the really tiny Courtenay Airpark (a small airport parking area) and the river.

Our walk around is leisurely paced, and the surround area is quite beautiful.

Including some of the gardens we pass by.


Later in the day after we picked up Maya, we decided to walk around in Downtown Courtenay. It reminded me of those little towns in Virginia like Lexington.

We wander off into a Cakebread Artisan Bakery, and we decide to satisfy our sweet-tooth by getting some ice-cream. I know. I know. We are in a bakery, and we decide to go for some ice-cream instead of some sweet baked delights. Don’t judge!

As a side note: the lady in the picture serving us was actually going to fly to Richmond, Virginia for a wedding. The city where I live.

So many delicious flavors.


Time to head home, and later go to dinner with Michel. Yes, after ice-cream. 🙂


Appreciation Moments:

  • Having a place to stay.
  • Lunch and conversation with Janet.
  • The picturesque walk, and the beautiful garden
  • Ice-cream with Janet and Maya in cute Downtown Courtenay.
  • Delicious dinner at the Beachfront Restaurant.

Expenses (in US$):
Ice-cream: $9.95 (Cake Bread Artisan Bakery. CAD$ 12.76)