Travel Date: Thursday, May 12th, 2016:

Around lunch time, Janet, I, and the boys: Remie and Tomei head out for a small excursion and picnic lunch to Goose Spit Park in the town of Comox. The log wall you see in the picture below prevents the road from being washed out during winter storms.

The boys have a lot of energy so they love climbing stuff.

Including running up a large flight of stairs.

First we munch down on some lunch.
And then we take a long walk across the shoreline.



After a nice long walk, including me playing Mr. Piggy Back ride, we head back home for the final dinner.


Moments to appreciate:

  • Watching Janet handle two bundles of energy
  • Playing Mr. Piggy Back ride.
  • Having fun and bonding with Remie and Tomei.

Expenses (in US$) : $0.00