Travel Date: Friday, May 13th, 2016:

We drive and arrive at entrance to Coal Creek Historic Park.

The park encompasses the historic Chinatown and No. 1 Japanese Town sites. It also features portions of the historic Wellington Colliery Railway trail. The No. 1 Mine site and No. 2 Mine portal site are also located within the park.
We begin the trail with Zen. Just like Camino times, minus our backpacks.

We pass the pond.

We continue walking on the trail.

Small bridges.

And get to the future site of “Japanese Town”.

We get off the trail and have to walk on the asphalt for a bit. Very Camino like.

I wonder what is under there?

The surrounding trees and streams.

We pass a rusted car, entrenched in the ground.

We walk up and down small rolling hills of dirt.

And finally make it to Comox Lake.

So peaceful. So beautiful.

The water is clear.

We spend some time here appreciating the beautiful view. And talking about the Camino.

Zen goes for a swim.

And wants to play fetch.

We walk by a nearby structure. I’m not sure what it was used for, but now it is filled with graffiti.

And it is time to head back.

Moments to appreciate:
  • Time spent with Janet
  • Camino reminiscing
  • Free Zen entertainment
  • Beautiful walk in nature
  • The peaceful silence of walking in the woods with barely any other people.
Expenses (in US$): $0.00