Travel Date: Saturday May 14th, 2016

I got up at 3 AM. Big Yawn! Gavin was ready to drive me to the airport. The flight from Vancouver, British Columbia to Chicago, Illinois was at 6:15 AM.

I had some great learning lessons after flying with United Airlines on this leg back. This was the second time I experienced a negative situation. Fortunately, I was able to get a ticket back on the plane.

I was also grateful to get a window seat. And the sunrise from my window seat was just unbelievable.


I love window seats. I love peering out, and imagine myself flying through those clouds.


Soon after the above photo, we were flying parallel to the US and Canadian border. Please notice that my phone is in airplane mode. And yes, GPS does continue to work.


Look at that patch work of fields.


We are getting close to the start of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.


It begins.



The Missouri River.


And finally approaching Chicago and Lake Michigan.


Later, I got on my connecting flight from Chicago, Illinois to Richmond, Virginia. Sadly, I did not have a window seat and there was nothing eventful to report.


Things to appreciate:

  • United cancelled my ticket, when I skipped my initial leg. So I was forced to purchase a brand new one at the counter when they indicated the ticket was cancelled. Fortunately, when I called United they were able to issue me a credit voucher for the old ticket. I wished I had called them before purchasing a new ticket; I found later they could simply re-open it and then it would be available for use. It was an expensive learning experience, which I will not repeat.
  • Beautiful morning sunrise in Vancouver
  • Flying over the border line between the US and Canada for about 3 to 4 minutes
  • Incredible views from the top of my favorite beautiful state: Montana

Expenses: $614.43
United Airlines Ticket Re-issue: $614.43