Travel Date: 8/27/2016

I got up early, but engaged in the repetitive performance of waking up, going back to sleep, waking up, and going back to sleep. Anna, Hugo, and her family were also tired from last night, so they all stayed in bed.

Later, around late morning or early afternoon we all walked to the nearby market place in the Puente Blanco area.

I chuckle at the concept of street parking in Mexico City. If you take a closer look, you will notice there is a rod sticking out of the front of the car.


After a very short walk, we get to the street market.


Pilar (Anna’s mom) leads up to a local taqueria setup.


All that meat.


With Hugo’s help, I ordered two tacos: Cecina and Cecina Enchilada. Cecina is meat that has been salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke.  There were also three different salsas to experiment with.


A closer look at authentic Mexican street-food tacos.


Hugo or Anna, I cannot remember suggests to for us to try a special drink called agua de frutas – fruit water. I looks delicious, and tastes even better.


I’m not full yet so I order another taco with Longaniza. It is a is a Spanish sausage similar to a chorizo, but spicier.


There were many laughs and smiles that were shared.


Especially, “goofy behavior” from the “youngest people.”


The street market was full of life.



With our bellies full, we took the arduous walk back home.


Kruti and I venture out into the heart of city for some tourist ventures. Later that evening, we at back at home for dinner. Everyone is engaged in contributing for cooking.


Anna pours us agua de tuna con limon (cactus and lemon water).


It is very refreshing. It shakes away some of the fatigue I am feeling from a long adventurous day.


Yes. I said cactus and lemon. They made it using ALL NATURAL ingredients.


Pilar OWNs this kitchen. I am enjoying watching the process.


Oh, those chillies. She warns me that it is about to smell smoky and pungent.



We head outside to grab some beer, and supplies.


At the local supermarket they sell Jack Daniels … in a can.


We head back to the house. I love the dark streets of outer Mexico City.


At home the full brew in the works.




That is the salsa from earlier. Oh God, I cannot wait to consume that.





I’m not sure what this is.


Shredded lettuce.


Chopped onions




And in Mexico, one must have a 3L bottle of Coca Cola with dinner. It has real sugar, and none of that crappy corn syrup they inject it with in the United States.


Pilar is pouring us a bowl of chicken and broth.


The table is set.


And with people. I manage to awkwardly turn the camera into almost the perfect angle to get all of us in there.


Later in the evening, I watch a futbol game with Andres. Apparently, it is a very big game. It is the Clasico Nacional: where the two biggest and most followed teams in Mexico play each other: Mexico City’s Club America versus Guadalajara Chivas. Surprisingly Andres is a Guadalajara fan!

What?? But he lives in Mexico City?? I don’t understand!


Chivas wins, and Andres is happy!

Later I join Pilar, Hugo, Anna, and Kruti who are playing dominos at the dinner table. I join in substituting for one person of the losing team.


I begin to figure out the patterns, and then take over. Pilar is not a big fan of playing against me, as I figure out the tricks to winning over successive games, and closing people out early. Win each win, I celebrate with some Tecate.


After many rounds of hoarding the five or six dotted dominos, I get the blank dominos. Time to dominate with them!!


Eventually it is just Kruti, Hugo and I left. Hugo dominates initially, but I find a way to claw back into it. A great come from behind win!!


It is time for bed.


Things and moments to appreciate:

  • I got up really early and was ready to go be adventures. But every one was sleeping in. It annoyed me a little, but I chose to let go of things not going “according to plan.” I have observed that sometimes those are the times, where magic just happens! And it did.
  • The local street market experience filled with all kinds of smells, sounds, and colors.
  • The street food tacos were scrumptious. It was not like anything I have tasted before.
  • Pilar and Andres’ sincerity and generosity: they let us stay at their home, and even took out us out for street tacos. We are blessed. I am grateful!
  • Watching Pilar make dinner from various ingredients . I began to appreciate and comprehend the similarities and stark differences between the Tex-Mex (American styled Mexican) food I was used to consuming in the United States, and authentic nature and taste of the her home-cooking. All my senses were fired up. I could eat this forever. Everything was delicious, and most importantly, it was cooked with love.
  • And finally winning in dominos.

Expenses: US $0: MX $0

Why? The kindness and generosity of Anna and her family!